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تدرب مع مدرب رقص شرقي دولي وخبير ملتزم بالرقص المصري الأصيل والديناميكي.  دروس رقص شرقي للكبار للمبتدئين والمتقدمين متجذرة في تحفيزك لتحقيق أهدافك وأحلامك الفريدة!

Oriana Bellydance classes
Oriana Bellydance Online beginner classes

Tuesday 7:30pm EST-$10

Join from anywhere on Zoom for this 1hr class for all levels-especially beginners. Learn fundamental movements and combinations.

Thursday 7:30pm EST-$10

Join from anywhere on Zoom for a one hour truly advanced class.  Develop strong musicality, cultural understanding, arabic lyrics, props, folkloric styles and advanced movement.

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Study 24/7 with Class Downloads

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Got a big Performance, Competition or just need that extra push to be your best?  Private Lessons are for you!

Enjoy one-on-one attention and customized choreography designed to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals.

Private Lessons can also be for a small group!  Grab your friends and get moving for a fun time!

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